Why are homes selling so quickly?


Particularly in Rockville and Bethesda, these homes are moving like hot cakes on a Sunday morning.  Multiple offers, escalation clauses and buyers are even dropping contingencies. My hypothesis as is why this is happening? Home owners are just not selling unless they really have to.  They are staying in homes longer b/c they don’t want to lose their low 3.5% rate they locked in a few years ago.  In addition, home prices have appreciated up to 20% in some areas, rates are 1% higher, therefore people are not budging.

Because of our shortage, when a home that’s fully remodeled and move in ready is listed for sale, it moves super quick.  And the rest needs some work done to it.  We know it can be frustrating seeing home after home, wishing you can take one part of a home and another part to create the perfect home.  Unfortunately, there is no perfect house unless you have a million dollars and even maybe with a million, you won’t be able to create the perfect home.  Here’s where we can help!   With my amazing team of designer/stager, general contractors, and vendors, we will help create your perfect home.

We are Homes2Perfection!






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