From renter to brand new home owner!

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to become home owners.  Just the same, everyone has different paths to home ownership.  Pictured below is my amazing client who overcame a tremendous amount (working a full time job with 3 kids while attending grad school!!) and not only bought a home, but is able to experience her home being built in front of her very eyes.  And the best part is, her kids are able to see that hard work really pays off in the end!

You can see the excitement and pride during our pre-drywall inspection.   I’m so proud of my lady (I’m sure her parents are too) and am so humbled in her trust in me as her realtor for life!







Are you thinking of buying a builder home? Having a trusted realtor is extremely important even for brand new builds.  An experienced agent will be by your side,  advocating for YOUR best interests rather than the sole interest of the builder.

If you have a home to sell, expert handling of the sale will have a large impact on how the home buying process will go for you when working with a builder.

I was also able to purchase a brand new build for my primary home and can walk you through all the steps, give a ton of guidance and tips on how to save extra money!


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