About Me

“Will my kids be proud of the work I’m doing?”

This question is always running through my mind when I’m helping clients. It drives me to provide an unparalleled level of real estate service that gives pride of ownership, guides in building further wealth, and stretches into serving those in our community who need it most.

My mission is simple: I want to help as many people as I can.

I truly believe one person can make a monumental difference in this world. Through my philanthropic endeavors, my goal is to ensure that I do everything in my power to help make our world a better place for our children and for generations after.  Whatever questions or challenges you have in real estate, I will be your comprehensive, one stop solution and your go-to for all things important to you about real estate and your community.

My personal “passion project” is to help one of our most overlooked neighbors… senior citizens.  Too often, I see senior citizens selling their home “as-is”, failing to maximize the growth of their retirement nest egg. I work with amazing contractors who are highly skilled and through their craft, we’ve assisted my clients in selling their homes for the highest price in the neighborhood.

Seeing the joy of relief and the literal tears of happiness on my clients’ faces after closing on a sale or purchase is the most rewarding part of this career and is what drives my passion for real estate. But it doesn’t stop there… my clients and I become great friends because our relationship doesn’t end when the transaction is complete, that’s where it begins.  My business is not about how much money I make but about how many hearts I can touch and how many lives I can transform.  I go by one simple motto: People over profit!

I hope my children and grandchildren will be proud.